Do you offer tracking?

If your package weighs under 13oz we generally do not use tracking. If it weighs more than that, it will be shipped Priority Mail which includes free tracking. If this is the case we will upload it via Paypal and they will send you an email to notify you. For international mail: if it's light enough to be mailed USPS International First Class, it gets tracked to where it departs the USA border via the number on the customs form, and this number is uploaded to Paypal for you. If it is too heavy to be mailed first class, it will most likely come through USPS International Priority Mail, which includes free tracking.

How long does shipping take?

We try to mail out all orders within one week of receiving them, but most of the time orders ship within 3 days. Domestic shipping usually takes 2-7 days, international can take up to two weeks or more depending on the weight of the item.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! :) We can and do ship to every country in the world. When you place your order, simply select your country from the dropdown list for shipping to be calculated based on the current rates. Note: shipping from the USA to Canada is cheaper than other countries, and the prices reflect that. For most countries in the world shipping costs between $12-$18

What is your return policy?

Generally we do not offer returns unless we have sent you the wrong item or size. If this is the case, please email us at info@winterhymn.net and we will take care of it for you!

I don't see a shirt in my size, will it be re-stocked?

It depends. Unless a shirt is marked as 'on sale,' it will probably be re-stocked eventually...but we can never say for sure.

What about other things that are sold out?

This also depends. If you're curious about a certain item, feel free to email us at info@winterhymn.net and ask!

Why do you sell presale tickets for your shows?

Presale tickets help a promoter or venue see how much early interest there is in a show so that they can plan ahead. Sometimes they are cheaper than the door price, sometimes not. Local bands often sell presale tickets so that the show promoters and venue can gage their fanbase in that area. Buying presales from us simply lets the people booking shows in your area know that you support us, so that hopefully we will be invited back! That is the one and only reason that we sell them. As an added bonus, you also don't have to pay any extra bullshit fees when you buy presales from a band. We sell them here on our merch store to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain one.